In order to remain competitive most companies have already implemented simple cost reduction exercises in recent times. However, the ongoing economic pressures remain a reality. This means that companies have to find ways to enhance their efficiencies and effectiveness. To improve cost management without compromising product and service standards require from organisations to re-engineering operational, production and supply chain processes. With his vast experience in dealing with operational processes, Eddie Blight knows that such change interventions are arduous by nature and many factors influence the success of process re-engineering. A critical element for success is to ensure both management and employees take ownership of the re-engineering intervention. It is therefore essential to empower everybody regardless of his or her position within the organisational hierarchy.

The question though is how to achieve this?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe most important requirement is to ensure management and employees feel aligned with the re-engineering process.

Research by Eddie Blight, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Business Management Coaching at Stellenbosch University, has proved that management and employees will not only accept changes but also actively participate in making change interventions a reality if they feel aligned with the process.

This includes giving employees the opportunity to provide input towards finding workable solutions… After all, employees are the specialists in performing their tasks and management needs to do what they do best…manage the processes.


Having worked in an environment that is process orientated, Eddie Blight has an acute insight on the value of processes. However, he is a firm believer that processes must be appropriate, value adding and people must voluntarily want to follow the procedures. Creating re-engineered processes and aligning people-with-people, processes-with-processes and people-with-processes are achieved using the Socratic dialogue. This occurs in both individual and group formats. The participants, challenged by provocative questions are inspired to create stimulating ideas. The focus is to confront all the participants to give input towards creating workable processes in support of the organisational strategy.

Managing the risks

Eddie Blight has 21 years of experience in risk management and internal auditing for a major bank in South Africa. Any process change influences the associated operational and financial risks. He believes that a fundamental component of assisting the client in organisational and/or process change is to manage the inherent risks.


Eddie Blight has business relationships with a number of experts of different disciplines. He will discuss inclusion of these specialists with the management of the client should the situation require such intervention. He also makes use of contract workers whom are suitably qualified on large projects.