Coaching for accountability workshops

IMG_8638These workshops assist clients to find solutions for pre-determined problems, issues and/or obstacles.

The success of any action plan is dependent on the acceptance of accountability.

Through stimulating their creativity, the participants are drawn to actively participate and most importantly to take psychological ownership of action plans.

Finding solutions can be a fun filled experience!

Intellectual teambuilding

We come to work, spend hours together and then leave our separate ways after a days’ work. Considering, that we spend a third of our day at work it is astounding how little we know about our colleagues. Intellectual teambuilding does not purport to replace psychometric testing rather it creates a space for better understanding of the team dynamics. It allows people to share that something that will make them better understood by the team.

Meaning centred inspirational/motivational presentations

Conner Pic - CopyEddie Blight believes that all people inherently strive towards finding meaning in their lives… each moment of the day… every day of our lives.

Unfortunately, we allow ourselves to be inhibited by presumed societal values and are blinded to the meaning of our own lives. This said all organisations have a unique organisational culture and cannot operate or function without rules and procedures.

Once we realise that there is meaning in what we do, regardless of who we are we are able to exist meaningful within the organisational structure.

These interactive and stimulating presentations benefit the organisation for it gives people purpose and meaning within their place of work.

Where do we do this?

Interventions can range from one hour thirty minutes to three days in total depending on the logistics, budgets and pre-determined objectives.

As a result, they can take place either at the premises of the sponsor client or at remote locations.


Eddie Blight has business relationships with a number of experts of different disciplines. He will discuss inclusion of these specialists with the management of the client should the situation require such intervention. He also makes use of contract workers whom are suitably qualified on large projects.