Academic foundations

Eddie is a masters coaching graduate with an MPhil – Management Coaching through the Business School of the University of Stellenbosch.
This degree has an international accreditation by the European Foundation for Management Development (EQUIS) and at the time was the only Management Coaching master’s programme, fully accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). As partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree he researched how coaching as a methodology could assist aligning employees with a major change intervention.

Eddie also holds an Honours Degree in General Management and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Transport Economics.

He obtained a Senior Leadership Development Programme qualification through the Gordon Institute of Business Science (University of Pretoria) as well as a Credit Diploma under the auspice of the South African Institute of Bankers.

Business and entrepreneurial elements

  • Presentation3He is in constant contact with various consultants and entrepreneurs to evolve his coaching and other meaning centred interventions.
  • One of the largest Banking Groups in South Africa previously employed Eddie. His banking background is as follows:
    • Branch Banking,
    • Internal Audit,
    • Secondment to Business Against Crime,
    • Criminal Risk Management where he was the Head of Prevention.
  • He was instrumental in establishing a culture of Zero Tolerance towards crime throughout the Banking Group
  • Eddie was the project owner of one of the most successful anti-criminal incentive schemes known in South Africa.
  • His responsibilities included:
    • The development of processes and procedures,
    • Internal and external crime-awareness communication mediums,
    • Some of the video productions he commissioned and produced won prestigious awards.

Aspirations to live a balanced and meaningful life

  • He is a qualified hot air balloonist and revels in these gravity defying experiences
  • Together with his family, they have explored many ‘off the beaten track’ places in South Africa where his wife, an artist, gathers material and inspiration.
  • Eddie is currently enrolled with the Victor Frankl Institute of South Africa where he is reading on the principles of finding meaning in one’s own life and uses this to further develop his coaching model and framework.

The world seen from Eddie’s perspective

Smiley (2)“As a “citizen” of the world, I have had my own unique experiences and have formed my own worldview. I fully prescribe to the notion that we are able to find meaning in everything we do.

My experiences over the years have been enriching and it has informed both my coaching methodology and my coaching style. This includes my own entrepreneurial spirit, studies and 22 years of working in the corporate world.

On a personal level, it excites me when we are able to draw from previous experiences, to the current place where we find ourselves during the coaching journey.  My own experiences and the effects thereof range from good to not so good.  This allows me to adopt a humane stance, thus I am able to engage with the client’s experiences and worldviews.

It is what we choose to do in the present with the experiences of the past that will influence the future.” – Eddie Blight

Coaches and Mentors of South Africa

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